Rick R. Johson, Guest Host
                                     Mortgage Broker/ Real Estate Professional
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                                 Doug Brewer State Farm Insurance
                                          Speaks Fluent Insurance!
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                   Holli Tamas, President
                 Sunrise Energy Solutions

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Steven H. Scoville, Pest Control Center, Inc.


             Tom Chandler, Principal
The Chandler Group, Ameriprise Financial
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                Carolyn Ewing, Founder The Ewing Group
           'The Real Estate Outsider' Guest host with a consumer perspective! 

The Whole House Fan Company, Owners Thomas & Marshall Moresy
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                                            Jacalyn Schneder, Owner

                                               Sac City Cabinets
                                      6015 Power Inn Road, Sacramento, CA

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Best Inpectors, Anywhere! BPG -Buyers Protection Group
Michael Guarnier, Owner call 800-285-3001

Audra Baker, 2020 Home Staging
Call to learn why staged homes sell faster! 916-380-2852 
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